Sebastian Alappat - Artist & Founder

As early as age 4, Sebastian was drawing.  He channeled a lifelong love of art into a career in design. Graduating with a degree in Fine Arts,  Prior to Spark, He spent over 14 years as an Art Director & Designer for various companies like Tommy Hilfiger, Armitron, before pursuing time as an Art Director with Silicon Valley startups to time in advertising with Ogilvy. After a long design career of executing multitudes of branding digital projects ranging from logos to websites, the call to make art was too strong to ignore.  In 2013, he left his full-time Creative Director job and devote himself fully to art. Flowing from that same core, he is using his newfound talents as an entrepreneur to create SPARK. His patience and connection with children allow him to speak their language. It his intention to teach and inspire the next generation with SPARK for both children AND other artists.


In January of 2016, Alappat became Wee Yogi's certified for Kids yoga and added yoga and meditation as offerings to SPARK's unique curriculum. In November of 2016, he became a certified Mindful Educator under Mission Be, an organization dedicated to bringing mindfulness to children. Since he has continued the mission of connecting children with artists and helped the program grow further.


Since then Spark continues through New York City through our unique combination of art, yoga, and meditation for children. In December of 2018, Spark was awarded 2018 & 2019 - Best Art School Winner by the New York Awards


Teaching @ Spark Saturdays, Plein Air, Pods

Jonathan Mendez - Teaching Artist

I’m an emerging artist that specializes in pyrography/ woodburning. I continue to grow every day with what life gives me. What keeps me going to be a strong individual are the people who motivate me every day. I hope to make a difference not only just in my life but other lives all around me and what I can bring to this world.


Teaching: Plein Air, Virtual Privates & Pods

Alice Hsu - Teaching Artist

For the past 3 1/2 yrs, Alice started substitute teaching and currently an Afterschool Teacher at Trevor Day Lower School. Each child is unique in their own individuality, and the most exciting part of the process with teaching is taking the time to learn and connect with each student and watching them grow.

For self-care, Alice enjoys hiking, running & yoga, trying new recipes to whip up in the kitchen, satisfying her green thumb with container gardening, and listening to favorite new tunes from her Discover Playlist on Spotify. 

Teaching: Privates 

Mika Gagné - Teaching Artist

Mika has had a passion for the arts for as long as she can remember. She believes that all forms of artistic self-expression are important for wellness, and it gives her joy to be able to facilitate that for others. She recently received her bachelor's in Fine Arts and Psychology, . Mika has years of experience working directly with grade school kids and has had the pleasure of volunteering for organizations such as Art Start and Free Arts NYC.

Teaching: Privates 

Sam Kim - Teaching Artist

Sam attended The University of Michigan, School of Art & Design. and focused his studies on art therapy/outreach. He volunteered at C.S. Mott's Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor, helped organize after school art programs for inner city children in Detroit and ran clay workshops for the visually impaired in Ypsilanti. Upon graduating, he began to provide portfolio instruction to high school students at Sarah's Art Academy in Fort Lee, NJ before diving into marketing/advertising/design.

Teaching: Privates & Pods & Portfolio

Annie Legnini - Teaching Artist

Annie Legnini ( is an artist born and raised in the Bronx.  She is best known for her mixed media portraits, painting faces in realistic detail and then collaging repurposed objects on the remainder of the portrait to create features like hair, glasses, and clothing.  Legnini is the creator of Bronx Faces, a collaborative community art project that pairs the stories & experiences of Bronx natives with a mixed media portrait.

Available for Privates - Weekends

Kelly Keefe - Healing Artist
Ken Iacoviello - Yogi & Healing Artist

Kelly Keefe is an NYC artist and wellness professional with a focus in the Vibrational Arts. She is Reiki Certified and the founder of HeartSpace.Co. She has been a student of mental health, healing arts, performance arts, and holistic health for over a decade. She offers experiences that bring together wellness, healing, and creativity to help cultivate the brightest and most creative versions of those she works with.

Teaching: Privates 

Ken has been providing early intervention services to children with special needs for over 10 years. His training is rooted in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) however Ken has continued to grow as a therapist by implementing different strategies such as Embedded Coaching and Natural Environment Teaching (NET). Ken has had success in the new role of Teletherapy where he is able to work more closely with parents and help their children achieve progress towards their IFSP/IEP goals. He currently works asa Tele-therapist at Los Ninos Services.

Teaching: Privates 

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